Built in Edinburgh, born everywhere.

We work on your behalf to make the big banks work for you

Quoin’s mission is to help people get into home ownership.

Quoin has a vision to make home ownership easier for first-time buyers. We do this by working with both property sellers and buyers to spread the burden of mortgage qualification.

Our “Rent to Deposit” service merges rental and buying models, enabling you to save for a mortgage down payment while living in your home. Over a period of 2-4 years, every month a portion of your rent is split into a savings account. Once you’ve qualified for a mortgage, the money built in that savings account is awarded to you to use on your down payment.

For are selling partners, our service will provide you strong profitability by minimizing running costs and tax implications associated with selling a property. This provides you a safe and secure exit on your property, all while giving back to a first time buyer who otherwise would have been locked out of the market.

Want to meet the team?

Quoin was launched by four MSc. graduates from the University of Edinburgh who connected over a passion to make housing more affordable.

Our four founders hail from across the globe representing The United States, India, Italy, and Ireland.

Alexander Koveleski

Alexander Koveleski


Alexander has taken on the leadership role of Quoin, bringing extensive experience with financial planning and analysis, and overseeing the complex financial development Quoin requires.

In his career he has created numerous financial models in preparation for acquisition activities while working extensively with investment bankers.

Supraja Balasundaram

Supraja Balasundaram


Supraja is the technical lead for Quoin, and she is tasked with overall project management and development of Quoin’s software.

Supraja’s experience in operations, management of engineering and automation projects mean she is uniquely qualified to oversee software development.

Federico Moro

Federico Moro


Federico is responsible for communications, PR, community outreach, and customer relations.

Federico has an in-depth knowledge of the funding landscape through research into the Angel Investment sector.

Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy


Richard brings 10+ years of experience in design work to lead up the team’s product development needs.

His career gave him the opportunity to work across a range of sectors from leading product design in tech scale-ups to delivering brand-driven interior designs.