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It’s time for first-time home buyers to have a new story

We’ve got a way to turn your monthly rent into home buying power.

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In the best stories, the hero’s journey isn’t taken alone

Whoever you think of as your guide, be it the Fairy Godmother or Gandalf, the hero of the story always needs a little help. On your journey to buying your first home, Quoin is here to give you that help



We form a team between buyer and seller that allows you to live in the home you want to buy, while saving for the deposit to buy it.


Rent to Deposit

Every month we move a portion of your rent into an account that helps build the deposit to buy the home you’re living in.


Shorten the Journey

By working together we can help cut in half the time it takes to save a deposit and qualify for a mortgage. We’re with you all the way.

Your starting point

On average, how much do you save per month?


How much do you have saved for a deposit?


Your story so far

Why haven’t you bought a home yet?

Your home

How many bedroom(s) do you need?

How much is your current rent?


Great news! We can help you get your first home!

If you take the journey alone

It would take you about 7 years
To save a deposit of £32,000

The journey with Quoin

For your monthly rent of £1,250 we could help you earn £250/month towards your deposit.

So in only 3 years you could be ready for a mortgage of £210,000.

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Not quite yet

Right now, we don’t think its the time to start this journey.

By our calculations, we think You’d need an additional £85/month to get to deposit. If you think you could stretch to the extra cash on your rent, then we can help you into home ownership.

Yeah I can do that

Why is this story harder than it used to be?

Home prices have increased faster than income for decades, all the while rent and cost of living have risen out of control. This means it takes years to save for deposit, whilst the home you want keeps getting more expensive.

Quoin changes this by getting you into your home first, and then helping you buy it later.


Sell a Property

If you’re looking for a more certain, lower cost and tax efficient way to sell a home or manage your portfolio, then you can take part in this story too.

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